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29 November 2017

It's data. Data is king. Data is knowledge. Without data, how can you move your company forward?

Let's first take a look at the 'buyer's journey' and how it's changing right in front of us.

The way we engage with our buyers online needs to change. Currently, the foodservice equipment industry is disregarding two very important phases of the buyer's journey, which hinders our ability to sell. We must engage with buyers well before they are ready for a quote, but how?


19 January 2016

Upon my return from MAFSI Conference 2016, I was knee deep in a book titled The Marketing Performance Blueprint by Paul Roetzer, and was re-assured that the foodservice equipment industry clearly has 'the performance gap'. It's a very interesting time for MAFSI members. Those that continue to ride the traditional 'what used to work' wave are going to eventually be run out of business by competition that adapts to the new marketing and sales cookbook.


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