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06 October 2016

We wrote about this topic in 2015, but with a new year comes ch-ch-ch-changes. If your website is simply a home to your company's address, a brief about us page, and maybe a phone number, then this blog post is for you. If you aren't investing into the digital 'home' of your website, you're missing out on leads. To find out how to turn your website into a tool, keep reading.


16 December 2014

Ways To Improve Your Foodservice Website in 2015

A Detailed Look at 25 Essential Elements Your Website Must Have

More and more food equipment manufacturers – and the reps and dealers who sell their products – are seeing the benefits of an inbound marketing strategy. The days when customers and end users are highly influenced by interruptive marketing techniques like cold calling and commercials are ending, and they are being replaced by inbound strategies that are more measurable, more cost effective, and more likely to result in highly qualified leads.


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