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Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson, Middleby Client Success Manager at TMC Digital Media, has a passion for food, brand management, web design, and pushing the creative boundaries. With over 7 years of experience in marketing, web design, and brand management, Lauren brings a unique perspective to the clients at TMC because she used to be one. While working closely with Middleby associated foodservice industry reps, manufacturers, dealers, and consultants, she brings a successful reputation for developing effective marketing strategies, managing communications, and nurturing her client's inbound efforts.
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24 May 2021

Marketing is the fun and flashy side of your business, the creative lens that everyone out in the world gets to see you from. Each company curates their brand with marketing through their logo, product development, and all the way through to the market of their consumers. However that journey may look like from B2B or B2C businesses, marketing helps build that personal connection. So when you want to share your brand, value, products, and more you design a marketing campaign - but what exactly does a "marketing campaign" entail?


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