A Quick Look at the Cannabis Cocktail Trend

Posted by Chad Stamm on Oct 22, 2018 10:37:39 AM

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State by state, cannabis is becoming legal in one form or another. Whether it's full on legalization for rec or some variation of medical use, it seems like a green wave is sweeping America (and apparently our neighbors to the north).

Of the substances that are legalized, THC and CBD are likely the alphabet soup you've heard mentioned. To boil it down, overgeneralize it, and without getting into human physiology, THC gets you high, while CBD offers many of the same medicinal benefits and therapeutic properties like anti-inflammation and relaxation without all the psychoactive effects.

In short, that's why CBD is available even in states where THC is not. And with its widespread availability, its therapeutic benefits, and the fact it can be bottled as a tincture (think eyedropper-style bitters), the cocktail world has caught on.

Consider Adriaen Block. Adriaen Block is New York City's first CBD bar. With drinks made from THC-free CBD tinctures, guests can enjoy cocktails like the Stoney Negroni, the Mellow Berry, the Bakin' & Eggs, or the Rolled Fashioned. Inventive names and all, owner-bartender Zsolt Csonka (no relation to Larry, I think) has a mission to create a relaxed vibe that helps relax his customers.

"It gives you a different kind of 'buzz' for a relaxed state of mind," Csonka said in a recent Food & Wine article. "After two drinks, you should find yourself feeling calm and mellow."

Others agree, and it's not just the cocktail segment of the beverage world that's embracing the CBD craze.

A quick glance on the web will reveal a wide range of CBD beverages. CBD-infused elixirs, tonic water, coconut water, cold brew coffee, sodas, and just about any other type of liquid concoction you can imagine. Even Coca-Cola is eyeing the cannabis market.

And the "hilltop" will never be the same.


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