In Defense of Pumpkin Spice (and Pumpkin Beer)

Posted by Amy Dowling on Sep 25, 2018 11:15:00 AM

In Food Trends


We'll say it. Pumpkin spice has gotten a bad rap. It's gotten so trendy that it's now trendy to hate it. It may even be what single-handedly coined the term 'basic.'

And we get it, it's everywhere from the old news PSLs to pumpkin spice cereal, yogurt, chapstick; you can't escape it. But we remember a time before it was fun to hate pumpkin spice. And when you dig down to its roots and remember that it's the product of the perfect marriage of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves, it gets harder to hate.

In an age of Instagram and proliferous Starbucks stores, how quickly we forget the smell of fall and warmth and family and football that fills your home with a loaf of pumpkin bread in the oven. Or the satisfaction of pumpkin pie after a hearty, wholesome Thanksgiving meal. Even better, there are a whole list of amazing pumpkin beers, with these being five of our favorites:

1. Funky Pumpkin Spiced Sour Ale (Boulevard Brewing Co, Kansas City, MO)

2. Imperial Pumpking (Southern Tier Brewing, Lakewood, NY)

3.Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Cigar City, Tampa, FL)

4. Pumpkin Ale (Upslope, Boulder, CO)

5. Rumpkin (Avery Brewing, Boulder, CO)

If you can push out all the trendy, the superfluous, the trite, and get back to the basics, you may just fall in love with pumpkin spice all over again, especially when you try one of the top pumpkin beers. 


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