Pucker Up for These Pickle Picks

Posted by Amy Dowling on Aug 30, 2018 2:57:53 PM

In pickles, beer


From savory to sweet, pickle flavors are popping up in your favorite foods, and we're here to dish on the latest.

You've probably already heard about the pickle juice slushy from Sonic that was rolled out in March, and if you eat potato chips (i.e. if you're human), you've likely tried the Lay's dill pickle flavor once or twice. 

There are two new pickle flavored concoctions that have us feeling a little uneasy, but mostly just jealous of everyone who's already tried them.

We've all heard about pickles and ice cream as the ultimate weird pregnancy craving, but Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in New York City has taken it to a new level by combining the two with their pickle soft serve. The dessert meant to be a palate cleanser is one of only two ice cream options on the menu, the other being matcha. 

It's served with a few dehydrated pickle chips as a garnish, or you can get it dipped in chocolate (which brings a whole new level of uncertainty to this dish). Seems like they know what they're doing, though, because their dumplings look top notch. But don't take our word for it, check out the brief video that shows you both.

Last but not least, pickle beer is now served thanks to Down the Road Beer Co. in Everett, MA. The backstory is it was made for the Boston Pickle Fair as part of a collaboration with Grillo's Pickles. It's a Berliner weisse brewed with spicy dill pickle brine. And since we're all for collab craft beers, we'd try it.

But our question is, would you?


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