The Magic of the Negroni

Posted by Chad Stamm on Jun 8, 2018 12:37:11 PM

In Beverages, food and beverage

The Negroni is truly one of the landmarks in cocktail history. Started in Florence in 1919, it was originally a variation of the Americano cocktail, but instead of soda water and a lemon peel, Count Camillo Negroni requested to substitute gin and orange instead.

Today, the Negroni is one of the most iconic three-ingredient cocktails in the world, if not one of the most iconic of any type. In fact, it even has its own week. But what makes a Negroni so magical?

It's the way all three spirits dance together in the glass. It's the brilliant red color. It's the perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

Often listed as bartenders' favorite drinks to order when they're on the other side of the bar, the Negroni offers the potential for variations, too. There are vermouths of different profiles and qualities. There are certain amaros that work better with certain types of gin. And then there are the full-on variations that even use different types of spirits such as currently popular Mezcal Negroni that subs out the gin with mezcal.

Not a fan the first time you taste one? You're not alone. It's a common reaction. But stick with this amazing cocktail a few times, order it at a few different places, and it will quickly become your go-to pre-meal aperitif in no time.


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