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Why Your Sales Team Should be Using Sidekick - TMC Digital Media

To be ultra successful, typically a sales person should have as much control over the sales process as possible, right? Another skill of succesful sales people is efficiency. I'm a firm believer in working smarter versus harder these days. 

What is one way your sales team can improve both? Simple. Sidekick by HubSpot. 

Imagine the day where you can track not only who opens your emails (how many times including what links they clicked on) but also which web pages your prospect is visiting - and in real time, mind you. That day is here.

Here is why your sales team should be using SideKick:


Wouldn't it be great to know that your main point of contact, the VP of Food and Beverage at that large QSR, not only received your email but opened it and clicked on that document you sent? What sales person wouldn't want to know this information? And I bet you can think of other really important uses for email tracking.  

The Gmail integration is simple to set up and is a game-changer.


As your marketing team continues to invest in publishing valuable content offers and blog posts on your website, wouldn't it be invaluable to know exactly what content your prospects have been viewing? Let's say you're planning a follow up call this week to John Smith. On Monday, Sidekick alerts you that John is currently viewing that How To Guide about your specity fabrication solutions. And while doing so, John indicated that his biggest challenge is design effeciency. You now have some very valuable ammo to maximize the time spent with John this week. 


Using the HubSpot CRM? Simply click on the 'Log In CRM' button in Gmail, and your email to John is recorded in the CRM. Not only is this useful for the sales person, but think about it from sales management's perspective in case that sales person 'goes away'.   All emails are tracked easily in your CRM to be referenced at a later date.

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