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How Manufacturers are getting the most out of their print ads

The number one challenge for marketers and executives of foodservice manufacturers is determining their ROI on marketing dollars. For example, there is a TON of money still allocated to print ads, printing literature, tradeshows and other traditional marketing methods. These methods aren't going anywhere anytime soon. So how can marketers get the most out of their outbound marketing?

Simple.  Think Inbound.

Let's look closer at print. What is the goal of an ad? Is it name and brand recognition? Is it to get someone to pick up the phone and call you, or to type in your homepage and start searching for something that might be of interest?

It all starts with the 'why.' Why are we advertising in magazines? It can't only be for brand recognition anymore. Besides, that's not trackable. But what is trackable?  

Create a custom landing page including a valuable 'offer' (a guide, a video, etc.) that your ideal buyers want. If valuable enough, if they are interested, they will visit that page, tell you who they are, and download your offer.  

Not only are manufacturers able to determine how many views the ad generates, but most important, how many new leads/contacts are generated. The visitor's intel is collected, a qualifying sales question is asked and there is a pre-determined strategy as to how either marketing or sales will follow up with that contact.

Running both print and digital ads? Great. How do you know which one is performing better than the other? Simple. Create a separate URL for the digital ad. Compare the data between the two as the campaign is running, and adjust your budget on the fly accordingly. 

Using marketing automation software and a CRM like HubSpot, you can track the visitor/lead to closure and then close the loop, tying it back to the print ad campaign.   

Once the campaign is complete, you can now determine if it makes sense to continue running ads in various media outlets. You can determine which publications are giving you the greater return. And you may just decide to forego one or two of those publications in order to double down on your inbound marketing efforts.     

The sales and marketing cookbook has changed.  Learn how other factories are getting the most out of their marketing efforts and tee'ing up sales leads like never before. 

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