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The 3 types of technology impacting marketing in 2018 - TMC Digital Media
Online technology is developing faster than ever. From personalized analytics of the buyer's journey to artificial intelligence using bots, there is no question about technology's impact on how we go to market. 
MAFSI Conference 2018 helped us kick it off. Let’s take a deeper look at the 3 types of technology that will impact marketing your foodservice products in 2018 in my latest On The Bean Bag episode.
[4 min video]




Analyitcs have been around quite some time but we have to pull it all together.
  • Website/Google Analytics
  • Customer data in your CRM and Salesforce
  • Email service provider
  • Social media
  • Video 
  • Chat/messaging applications
The common thread here? Data. And the conversations you are having with your buyers today goes well beyond face-to-face and the phone.
The analytics becomes the key to our storytelling.


  • Personalized experiences - chatbots - some of you experienced this first hand at MAFSI with our chatbot - 
  • Augmented reality 
  • Predictive marketing - through websites and social media
  • Image recognition - imagine a manufacturer being able to browse a huge collection of their combi-oven photos on social media and understand buyer demographics


Perhaps you heard about it first at MAFSI.
  • Potential of removing the middleman
  • Prevent fraudulent ads and content from running by verifying who, how, and where the ads run
  • Will help video assets to be delivered correctly and ensure the data is properly tracked 
  • Getting paid
This digital world is moving quickly, y’all.
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