On the Bean Bag with TMC: Inbound 18 Key Takeaways

Sep 11, 2018 4:06:04 PM
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Inbound 18 was in Boston last week hosted by HubSpot. It is our MAFSI Conference.
25,000 of the world's most successful marketers, salespeople, technology geeks, and executives come together every year to discuss go-to-market strategies.
What are our key takeaways? What did we learn this year?
Find out in my latest episode of On The Bean Bag with TMC below.

Here are the highlights:

Team TMC at Inbound 18 Partner Day1) Amy & Brian: Technology like Zoom and Slack 

It was so great to 'see' them again. It's only been 2 years. Let's not let that happen again.

2) Dharmesh's Keynote - Must See TV
Introvert. Geek. Funny AF. What more could you want?
TMC and the HubSpot Flywheel for manufacturing3) The Flywheel
  • The 'new' funnel
  • Complete lifecycle - Marketing, Sales, Service
  • HubSpot is one of the only full stack technology platforms in the world
4) Video Native In HubSpot! YAY!!

As a matter of fact, the video above is our first experience with this new feature. Post production, it's all handled within HubSpot, with Vidyard as the underpinning technology. YES!  Can you say 'Game-Changer'?

5) HubSpot Connect Ecosystem
It going to take more than HubSpot to run businesses now and in the future. HubSpot is 100% committed to their integration program,
HubSpot Connect is your companion to find and integrate the best software in the world. Connect is a vibrant ecosystem of certified non-HubSpot tools that complement and integrate with HubSpot. It features over 100 powerful integrations, with several new partners joining each month. 
HubSpot Connect Ecosystem - 051518
Shout out to our friends at SeventhSense, Databox, and Slack to name a few.  It was great to see everyone.
Can't wait until Inbound 19! How about we see YOU there?
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