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Inbound marketing is not a new term, but it is just now starting to be more frequently used and practiced in the marketing world.

So, what role do Millennials play in inbound marketing?

Let’s think for a second about who in this world has the most digital fluency. Generally speaking, the answer is Millennials. With a little over 95 million people strong, this generation can’t be overlooked.

Young adults practically live on their phones. They are obsessively browsing social media for hours and hours of the day. They favor inbound marketing because, naturally, they can relate and understand how it works. The current generation almost always goes straight to Google for answers to their questions. This means that there is constant subjection to digital media and the Internet.

Inbound marketing often comes into play during the Millennial buying process. Millennials are thrifty and economical with their money, so rather than seeing an advertisement and running out to buy a product, they often prefer to research the web to determine the pros and cons of buying the product or service.

People don't want to be interrupted with obnoxious ads while doing their morning scroll through. They would rather determine on their own time whether or not they are ready to make a purchase decision. People want to feel a personal connection during their purchase process. They seek to find great reviews and referrals. They are not interested in the interruptive ad sent to their phone. In fact, they are probably more annoyed with it than anything.

Something else to consider is hiring Millennials to work with you as you practice inbound marketing. Millennials seem to grasp the concept much easier and are able to provide a unique perspective. A Millennial can easily identify with specific target audiences and is able to curate and brainstorm organic content and campaigns that would successfully illustrate a client’s product or service. They can easily create relatable content, which means everything in the world of marketing.

Not sure whether inbound or outbound marketing is right for your company? Consider your product or service. Consider your target audience(s). Determine your goals and objectives, and then make your decision. More often than not, I think you will find the answer to be inbound marketing.

*** The preceding blog was written by Abby Broom. Abby is a senior at Auburn University studying public relations and business. She spends most of her time working as a marketing intern and a waitress, as well as attending school. She currently holds the position of treasurer for Auburn’s PRSSA/PRCA chapter. Abby comes from a big family, and she has a puppy named Otto! Her favorite things to do are listening to music and traveling. She is a true believer that music soothes the soul and that travel provides perspective. She is a major foodie, especially when it comes to pasta, and she is always excited for a cold craft beer or a glass of wine. Ready for adventure, Abby plans to move to St. Petersburg, Florida after graduation in May, and she hopes to begin her career in a firm.

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