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Sales People Can Be Your Best Bloggers - TMC Digital Media

Let's face it, you either like to write or you don't. Just the simple thought of 'writing' intimidates people or is considered a hassle. I'm a sales guy by trade and never really enjoyed writing. But I have come to terms with A) it's inevitable to grow my business, and B) I have really good sales and marketing stories to share that can help impact the results of other businesses.

In today's online world, writing is one of most important pieces of the communication puzzle when engaging with current and future customers. Who can be some of your best writers? Sales people. And here is why:

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They Are In The Trenches

Sales people are constantly on the front lines, working on the latest kitchen or bar design, understanding the most common challenges foodservice operators face in their businesses. To that end, they have some of the best knowledge and stories to share, stories that other potential customers (and repeat customers) want to hear, want to read about (on their own time).  

They Are Product/Solution Specialists

In the foodservice equipment industry, sales people are very technical, and one sales person might be a true specialist for a specific product or solution. Other members on your team can benefit from that, too. Sharing this knowledge can only benefit everyone involved. 

How can you get buy-in from your sales folks to share these stories on your website?  

Simple. Task your sales team to write one blog post per month. Build it into your weekly/monthly meetings. They will feel as if they are a part of your marketing and sales strategy. Once published (marketing can do this for them), have them share it with their LinkedIn followers, on Twitter, and send it out to their contacts via email. Oh, and if you are a sales director, you might want to walk the walk before talking the talk, if you know what I mean. Be the example. Don't you have a great story to share right now?

Sales people are inherently great storytellers and writers. They will own it. They will deliver for the greater good of their personal success as well as your company's success.

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