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Over the last month, the life that we are normally accustomed to has been altered and shifted quite a bit. During the recent spread of the COVID-19 virus, we've had to endure numerous hardships, including being forced to navigate through many uncharted waters, which has presented us with many new and difficult challenges to overcome. While the task of adjusting to this "new norm" may still be overwhelming for many, we want to share some helpful insights and help spread some much needed positivity and motivation that will help us get through this, together!  

At TMC, we are no strangers to the remote working environment.  In fact, we've operated as a remote workplace for nearly a decade. Over that time, we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. Working from home is a learned skill and we want to help share our experiences to best help you. To help you along with this transition, we are offering a free virtual office assessment, complete with training and education on how to best manage working from home.

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In a recent post, I shared five tips that would be beneficial for transitioning to a remote or virtual work environment. To help continue that momentum, I wanted to share a few additional tips this week that hopefully will give you that positive push you need during these challenging and uncertain times. 

Adapt and Lead

Leaders keep leading.

After thinking about this entire unforgettable week, one word comes to mind: Leadership.

We need leaders in every facet of our lives right now to continue stepping up. To continue helping. To continue being positive. To continue solving big challenges we face at home and at work.

Now is the time to come together like never before. Learn from other leaders, help other leaders, and help our people.

As some of you know, my word of the year has been ‘Significance’. Moving forward, we need ‘Leadership Significance’.

How will you lead this week?

Together, we got this. 💪🏼

Send out Appropriate and Encouraging Messaging

For the time being, stop all your auto-publishing for social and emails. 

This includes taking a look at your content automation workflows.

Go into social, delete scheduled posts that may be taken out of context (insensitive) in this time of crisis.

Get with your marketing team and be sure auto-emails (scheduled emails that worked in the past that may also come across as if you are not in touch with the crisis) are no longer scheduled to go out.

It's not like companies are doing this on purpose, but if you receive something that isn't relevant to today's climate of crisis and uncertainty, it can immediately make a negative impact on your brand.

Post with purpose. Every day.

Invest in a Standing Desk

One of my biggest lessons learned over the past decade of working from home is that sitting all day in an office is NOT healthy.

I’ve been working remote for over a decade. I invested in a standing desk some 3+ years ago. And I am healthier because of it.

My neck and back problems are minimized. And I burn (much needed) calories all day long.

I no longer like to ‘sit’. And need to just move.

Be sure to grab an anti-fatigue mat for your feet. It will take a few weeks to feel comfortable with it but it will change your life.

Who knows, when we all get back to the office, you just might bring this new norm with you.

Show Emotional Support

Take that extra deep breath. Remember, we are all dealing with heightened emotions.

Give the benefit of the doubt. Continue to support everyone you can.

Be mindful and be meaningful to EVERYONE.

Here for you all. Please be there for me and my fam too. 💪🏼💯

Recent events have changed the landscape of the foodservice industry. More and more businesses are forced to operate remotely in work-from-home environments. We’ve run our foodservice marketing agency virtually for a decade, and we have some tips and tricks we’d like to share.

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