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Virtual Business Tips for People Working From Home

I think it's fair to say that these last few weeks have presented many unprecedented challenges to our daily lives. The spread of the COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of stress, anxiety, and unease throughout not only our country, but the entire world, impacting nearly every facet of our lives. While the spread of this virus may keep us apart physically, staying connected and banding together virtually has never been more important. 

It's a weird time for us here at TMC, and it's certainly impacting everyone's business to some degree. One thing running a virtual marketing agency has taught me: you can do incredible work that makes a tremendous impact while working remotely.

With many people experiencing changes to their daily work routine, take a look at these five days of helpful tips for successfully transitioning to a remote work environment.

Day 1.

Communicating with people is a choice. It's easier than ever to have conversations today, even if the communication is brief. [think texting]

I highly recommend looking into Slack for real-time chat communication with your team. And I highly recommend Zoom Video Communications to 'see' people with whom you are meeting. [if you need ANY help with these tools, please reach out]

With disruption comes change. There is no doubt that we are all being tested in ways we never thought of.

Technology will help us power through.

Day 2. 

Now is the time to start that podcast, that webinar series, that virtual test kitchen demo.

Use this time as a reset to determine how you will use the digital platform moving forward.

Minimize travel expenses. Save money but still engage like never before.

People still want to hear from you, they still want to see you. And make people smile.

Day 3.

Start groups. Join groups. Use chat and webcams to bring people together.

And try to have some fun with it. Our team virtual happy hour yesterday was what we all needed - no work, laughs, and even live music (thanks to Gabrielle Hoover and her husband John).

Stay positive. Stay engaged.

Day 4.

Engage. Smile. Repeat.

Find ways to connect virtually with your people, your partners, your customers, and smile, laugh, hell, cry together. Be there for each other.

The key is to ENGAGE and be around positivity.

[Turn the damn news off during the day too (this one really helped me).]

Be there for others. Others will be there for you.

Together we will #flattenthecurve. 💪🏼

S/O to Gabrielle Hoover and John of The Wandering Hours. Give them a follow on Facebook.

Day 5.

This has been by far the quickest, longest week.

All we can do is take it week by week right now.

We will all get through this together.

Leaders, keep leading.

Enjoy the weekend, all!

We are here to help. Schedule your free remote workplace assessment with me today.  

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