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freshly baked podcast announcement

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new podcast, Freshly Baked with TMC. Beginning with the release of our trailer episode, which debuts today, dig deeper into what to expect over the course of this new and exciting podcast journey!

What can we expect from Freshly Baked with TMC?

For starters, I think answering the all-important question of, "What exactly is this podcast all about?" is in order. Well, the simple answer is, just about everything. While we certainly have a profound interest and high level of expertise when it comes to the topic of inbound marketing and sales, we also just want to talk about things that are going on in the world around us. Whether it be discussing current trends or shifts within operations and businesses specializing in foodservice, or even music, travel, or sports, we want to have a free and fun discussion that both educates and entertains. 

Not only will we talk about a wide-range of fun and hot button topics, but we will also have some pretty great guests on to share some of their expertise and experience. Over the years, we have made some pretty great connections with folks who have their own unique and captivating stories.  This is the perfect forum to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with all of you. After all, that's the beauty of having a podcast, isn't it?

Meet your Freshly Baked Co-Hosts

Each episode will be co-hosted by TMC Digital Media founder and CEO Erik MacPherson and TMC Partner and Executive Creative Director Chad Stamm. This duo has been working together since 2014, helping foodservice companies uniquely position themselves online through the use of the inbound marketing and sales methodology. 

freshly baked with tmc podcast co-host graphic

How can we listen to the podcast?

Ok, we've been introduced to the podcast and met the co-hosts — so, how do we listen?

To make things easy, we've included an embedded audio player below so you can listen to the trailer episode right here, right now!


For future episode listening, here are a list of podcast streaming services that you can enjoy our podcast on:

When will the first official episode be available?

After you've listened to our trailer episode and heard what we're all about, you'll want to hear more, right? The first official episode of the Freshly Baked with TMC podcast will be available on Friday, May 22. In addition to the audio being available on the podcast streaming services mentioned in the section above, there also will be video of our podcast episodes available, too! Check out our YouTube page to get the Freshly Baked with TMC all-access experience. 

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding upcoming episodes and guests who will appear on the podcast. We couldn't be more excited to share in the fun with all of you and hope you enjoy all the Freshly Baked ideas we'll serve up!


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