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Is Email dead? Absolutely not. Email is more critical and important today to a business or organization than it ever has been. For example, the average person receives nearly 3000 media messages per day. Only 4 of them will be positively remembered.

Email MarketingIn today's world, the buyer has all the power. They can choose to read your messages or not. They can easily unsubscribe from your email list. They may not even see your email since there is so much 'noise' flooding their inbox. The Digital Buyer has higher expectations. So how do you ensure YOUR email is viewed and remembered?

Give Your Buyer Engaging Content That Is Valuable

Remember, your buyer opted-in. They trust you. They want your information. And they are only thinking 'What's In It For Me'. Are you segmenting your Email Lists based upon each Buyer Persona? Are you sending specific content to each List (targeting)? Are you taking into account where the Buyer may be in your specific buying cycle? Value your email addresses more than ever. Keep them sacred.

Optimize Your Email For Mobile Devices

Did you know:

  • 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices
  • 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren't optimized for mobile
  • 89%of email marketers are losing leads and opportunities because they're not optimizing their emails
    • *Source: Hubspot

Tips To Optimizing Your Emails

Responsive Email Templates

Size matters. In this case, the right formatting for all devices is essential to increase open rates and click through rates. It's a fact that buyers are more willing to engage when they see high quality images. The images need to be sized correctly for quicker download times. "Every 1 second delay in loading time results in an average 7% drop in conversions." (according to Hubspot)

So you have some kick-butt content to share. How are you using links and Call-To-Action buttons within your email? Our suggestion: make them both BIGGER. Buyers are using their index fingers to click on links. SIZE MATTERS!

Lastly, invest in an Email Tool like MailChimp, Constant Contact or Hubspot. In doing so, you'll save a lot of time. Also, if your marketing person goes away or you switch agencies, the ball can be picked up very quickly without much downtime.

We hope this helps address why email is more important than ever. If used correctly, it's one of the most powerful Inbound Marketing tools to drive new quality leads and revenue.


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