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10 January 2019
A guest post from Mike Donnelly, CEO and co-founder of Seventh Sense:
First off, happy new year! Second, did you make any new year's resolutions for your email marketing efforts? If you're still working on them, you might want to check out our 9 Email marketing trends to watch in 2019 while you’re putting together your plan. 


31 July 2018

Live events are not cheap. Especially when food is involved. Live cooking demonstrations require both a time and financial investment by manufacturers' reps, from buying and prepping the ingredients to setting aside half of a working day for the event. So after all that investment, will the event be worth it when it’s over?


16 February 2018
Email is still the #1 way to interrupt people with your company's branding and messaging. Yet, it's getting harder and harder to get buyers to open emails, let alone read and click on them.
A 20% email open rate is not acceptable. If 80% of your contacts are NOT opening emails, we have to identify the problem(s). 
Is it timing? Are you sending too many emails? Is it a spam issue? 
Here is a 5 minute video demonstrating how we can use technology to substantially improve the way we look at emailing our buyers moving forward.


12 October 2016

Video has become an incredibly effective form of content offers as of late. With video, you’re able to convey messages that might otherwise be difficult to get across through brochures or guides. Not to mention, videos are easy to digest and simply more visually appealing for visitors to your website. In fact, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text. Simply put, video marketing is so hot right now. So what is a video worth to both you and your potential customers?


27 July 2015


Email is still the best way to engage with your buyers. BUT it only takes one click to unsubscribe from your email list, and then they typically never come back. 

To be effective, your message should depend on whether you're a MAFSI rep or manufacturer, and it should be personalized for the buyer personas actually reading your newsletters. At the end of the day, the goal is to engage your leads and customers and keep YOUR brands/lines “top-of-mind.”


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