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Brian Shearer

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31 July 2018

Live events are not cheap. Especially when food is involved. Live cooking demonstrations require both a time and financial investment by manufacturers' reps, from buying and prepping the ingredients to setting aside half of a working day for the event. So after all that investment, will the event be worth it when it’s over?


15 August 2017

Regardless of the industry, educating buyers is of utmost importance in moving them along in the buyer’s journey. In the foodservice industry, this practice of educating buyers is arguably more personal than any other industry.


14 March 2017

For sports fans, March is the best month of the year. It brings buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, and alarmingly low ink levels on the office printer thanks to all those brackets. While the games grab our attention for three straight weeks, we can learn a lot about inbound marketing from the tournament for those other 49 weeks of the year.


26 January 2017


It’s been said that the best camera is the one that’s with you. In today’s world of technology, smartphones are just as powerful, if not more powerful than a high-end camera like a DSLR, especially when it comes to video. In fact it’s not even close with the latest iPhone 7 capable of shooting stunning 4K quality video. The foodservice industry is at the cusp of a video takeover and you may already have all the equipment you need in your pocket at this very moment.


12 October 2016

Video has become an incredibly effective form of content offers as of late. With video, you’re able to convey messages that might otherwise be difficult to get across through brochures or guides. Not to mention, videos are easy to digest and simply more visually appealing for visitors to your website. In fact, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text. Simply put, video marketing is so hot right now. So what is a video worth to both you and your potential customers?


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