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digital marketing in 2018
Today I was on Facebook, and someone had posted one of those statuses that informs you you're not really their "friend" if you don't copy and paste the status as your own.
Like me, you've probably noticed that most people who post these statuses tend to be of the only demographic still forwarding chain e-mails (i.e. grandparents, great-grandparents, and anyone over the age of 70). So what followed wasn't all that surprising.
A stream of people commenting, "I'd put it as my status, but I don't know how to copy and paste."
This was repeated over and over as I held back every inclination to snarkily reply with a LMGTFY link (Let Me Google That For You) because I sure as heck wasn't going to actually explain how to copy and paste to people who hadn't even made the effort to ask Google. 
There are three scenarios that would explain why someone wouldn't learn how to copy and paste. They're either:
1. Lazy - they know they could Google it, but they'd rather remain ignorant than take the five minutes to read a couple of paragraphs
2. Uninformed - they honestly do not know they could just ask Google for help
3. Afraid - they've seen the explanation on Google, but they're afraid to try anything in case they accidentally cause their computer to implode
So where am I going with this?
As we embark on a new year, let's identify what we want to do and what is standing in our way. What is our copy and paste? Is it utilizing video in your marketing efforts? Building a new website? Generating leads online?
If you're lazy, I'm not sure we can do anything for you. We can only help companies who want to be helped. If you're uninformed but are willing to learn, then there is absolutely space for you here. Ask us. Ask Google. Read blogs. Watch videos. Listen to podcasts.
The answers to your "copy and paste" dilemma are out there, you just need to take the initiative to find them, or make the decision to learn from others who've already paved the way. 
And if you're afraid...why? Copy and pasting incorrectly won't break your computer. Making one boring video doesn't mean you've failed. And if you haven't redesigned your website in six years, then honestly, it can't get any worse. 

Take the leap.

If it's new technology you're afraid of (like learning how to use a CRM, keeping your contacts in a database instead of an Excel spreadsheet, posting on social media, or directing potential customers to your website instead of e-mailing attachments of spec sheets and brochures), make the decision to start somewhere. 
Fear of technology stems from a lack of education and/or a lack of experience. You might not know a lot about it, and it might make you uncomfortable. That's okay! We've had more than a few people sheepishly tell us they don't know how to share a post on LinkedIn or find a Facebook page. But everyone starts at the beginning.
To make another analogy, it's like fitness. You don't walk into a gym and bench press 300 pounds when you've never even done a push up. And you're not going to generate leads on Facebook the day you sign up for your account. 
You need to start at the beginning, and like it or not, reps, manufacturers, consultants, and dealers are going digital whether you're on board or not.
Don't miss the boat.
If you've identified your problem, and you're open to learning more about how to go digital, be sure to attend one of the break out sessions or roundtable discussions we're speaking at during the 2018 MAFSI Conference. 
1/24 - 10:25am: How Buyer Behavior is Shaping The Digital Ecosystem for Manufacturers
1/24 - 1:45pm: Rep Firm of the Future: Using Technology to Stay in Front of Your Buyers
1/25 - 1:30pm: The Power of Play: How Video Drives Buyer Engagement and How to Capitalize On It
1/25 - 2:45pm: The Importance of Authenticity: Finding The Unique Story in Your Company Brand

Curious to learn more about web-based issues in the foodservice industry? Schedule some time with me today. 


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