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Sharing your thoughts with others in writing isn't everyone's cup of tea. But for any company that works in B2B sales, it should be.

I can't tell you how many times someone has said their company doesn't need a blog because they have nothing to say. Or they think it's not worth creating one because they don't have the time or skills to maintain one. Blogging isn't just about tooting your own horn (which is also great!) It's also about solving customer problems and getting your business noticed. 

You're The Expert 

Who knows your business better than you do? Knowing the details about your business and how it can help solve a customer's pain point is essential to attract new customers. Think of a question that customers have asked you over the years. People are likely searching for an answer online if one customer has asked a question. Writing blogs to answer those questions is a great way to provide a service. 

Get That SEO 

Blogging also lets your business get some SEO to help more people find your website. What's SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the tool that search engines like Google or Bing use to help people find answers to their questions. The search engines crawl websites, pick up on keywords and other things. They then determine which websites are the most relevant and show those in the search results first. SEO is crucial because if your website isn't optimized, you won't come up in searches. One way that blogs help with SEO is to include backlinks, which help support your topic. According to HubSpot, links are one of the top ways Google determines rankings. So while SEO is not just blogging, it is an important part of SEO. 

It's Just A Word 

The word 'blog' can have a negative connotation to some business owners who immediately think of someone posting about their meals or their kids. While there are plenty of blogs out there that aren't business oriented, there are even more that have to do with B2C or B2B content. 

Many internet users often come into contact with blogs when searching online and don't even know it. Companies that have blogs on their website see an average of 67% more leads than companies that don't blog. So not having a blog means you're missing out on potential customers and possibly more profit. Remember that blogging encompasses many types of content creation that is shared on the internet. And it can help your business grow. 

People Are Curious 

Remember the old public service announcement that said, "the more you know"? People are thirsty for knowledge, and blogging can help with that, not only with potential customers but also with current customers. In addition to helping to solve customers’ problems, blogs can introduce new products or employees, showcase your business at a tradeshow, and even help celebrate your company's anniversary. There are no limits to what topics you can write. 

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