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Before I joined up with my brother-in-law, Erik, at TMC, I had a long history in both content creation and in the foodservice industry.

I first cut my teeth in college as a creative writing major who wrote as much as I could, destined to some day write the Great American Novel, which is actually in progress.

My first job out of college was as a staff writer and eventual managing editor at a newspaper outside of Atlanta, where I had amazing experiences writing feature pieces on Grammy-winning musicians and an actor from the movie Gone with the WindFast forward several years to my time in NYC, where I worked as a freelance copywriter and eventually landed at ABC News.

Why does all this matter to you?

It just underscores my history as a "traditional" content creator. Articles, blogs, white papers, websites, etc. But all those projects, in retrospect, didn't have modern underlying strategies to actually grow a business. 

At the end of the day, they were just collateral, without the direction of specific and measurable marketing objectives, and without any clear direction as to how to achieve them even if they did exist. Back in the 2000s, we didn't know what we know today. We didn't have Inbound Marketing.

Fast forward to TMC. The reason Erik and I (and our entire team) work so well together is we all bring different skills to the table. We're all good at different things. And in reality, I'm lucky to have a vision-minded business partner in Erik and such a talented team at TMC to help me make the most out of my own talents adn skills.

Erik and our team realize there's value in content beyond just creating brochures because we have insight into how to turn that type of marketing collateral into measurable, trackable, sales-driven opportunities.

So how does this relate to your foodservice business?

If you're like a majority of foodservice businesses, you're probably putting a lot of value into print material and almost certainly into trade shows. That's where my background is, as well. In traditional. But in reality, marketing is so much more than just those traditional tactics. I've evolved, just like you should.

What if there was a way to take those trade show leads and actually market to them in ways that are more effective than they were five years ago? What if you could even automate that process? What if you could actually quantify which print campaigns yield greater results in one publication versus another? Does all of this sound interesting as a foodservice sales and marketer?

In reality, you can. You just have to evolve your marketing and content strategies just like I've had to evolve mine. As someone who spent a lifetime creating this stuff, since joining TMC, I've actually found ways to make content creation more valuable, more measurable, and more impactful.

As a traditional "content guy," if I've changed my perspective to grow my career and business, so can you. And my team and I are here to help show you the results.

Book some time with us today, and learn the basics of Inbound Marketing for foodservice.

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