[VIDEO] How and Why Your Business Should Implement Chat Messaging On Your Website Right Now

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How to use chat and messaging on your business website - TMC Digital Media

Remember AOL Instant Messenger back in the 90s? How awesome was it to be chatting in real-time with your co-workers? Even though AOL IM will be officially retired on December 15, chat and messaging is hotter than ever. [Remember your screen name? Mine is S4DCya. What's yours?]

Think about the way you use chat and messages today. Do you prefer texting? Do you use social media messaging like Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn Messages? Lord knows we don't need more emails, right?

Here is a fact for you: According to Statista, there are 1.2 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook Messenger Chat app. Yep, 1.2 BILLION.

Messaging is on the rise. Why? Because people are sick and tired of email. AND people want answers to their questions in real-time. Now. Not in 2 business days. Immediately. 

Messaging isn't going anywhere but up. Marketing automation and sales enablement software like HubSpot is allowing chat/messaging to be a valuable part of the sales cycle, from helping close new business to servicing clients, directly from the business's website. All while capturing the conversation and recording it in the contact record. Pretty slick, huh?

Businesses are capitalizing on real-time chat. Why shouldn't you be setting your business up for chat and messaging success?

Let me show you how in this 7 minute demonstration video. 

HubSpot Video

Your buyers want to engage with you in ways that are über-convenient for them. Using technology like chat/messaging will strengthen the relationships with your customers while helping your business grow even more. But you have to be open to change.  

LEADERS in the Foodservice Industry: Interested in seeing more about real-time website chat/messaging? Take 30 minutes out of your day and see the value for yourself! 




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