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29 April 2017

I’m on my flight home right now after spending two days at HubSpot headquarters in Cambridge with some of the smartest people I’ve even met, along with THE BEST inbound marketing agency leadership in the world.  BTW, did you know there are 156,000 marketing agencies out there?  Good lord.  To put it into perspective, I was one of only 300 people to be fortunate enough to attend HubSpot’s Partner Day 2017 in Cambridge.  


19 April 2017

How do you connect with your foodservice leads to determine which ones are qualified? If you use legacy tactics including cold, un-customized emails and voicemails, your response rates are probably in the low single digits. It’s spam at the end of the day. If you do get the F&B director on the phone, you have to spend time qualifying them to determine if it's the right time to talk.  You are disrupting them.  Better make it count.

Today, cold-calls go into voicemail, and they are deleted.  Again, (I ain't kidding), it JUST happened to me while writing notes for this blog post. My cell phone rang, and rang, and rang. The digital voicemail message via email read something like, "Hi, this is such and such with XYZ Company.  We are a blah blah blah ...". DELETE. I literally get 20 cold-emails per day to boot, all of which go to into spam, all of which get deleted. These people are NOT earning my attention.

I imagine this happens to you too, right? So how does today's inbound salesperson truly connect with today's empowered buyers? Let's take a look.


14 April 2017

Here at TMC, we're big fans of Seth Godin's daily insights. If you don't follow him, you should. In today's post, he talks about the downfalls of the "sort by price" mentality, and he argues that buying the cheapest widget almost never winds up being the right choice. Can you think of a time when you bought the cheapest item possible, and it wound up being the best option in the long run?


06 April 2017

For the last 10 years, the number one place in the world I've wanted to see was Cuba. The people, the music, the rum, the cars, the cigars – you name it. There's one glaring omission from this list, though.


28 March 2017

Back in the mid to late 90s, I was a cold-calling machine.  I placed  100-200 calls per day, trying all the tricks in the book to get to the decision makers within some very large companies.  I sent out bulk invites to potential customers via fax. Yes, fax.  I sent email after email (with some pretty decent open and response rates to boot).  That's what the top sales rep had to do to be the best.  

It's not to say that dialing for dollars is over.  But it's damn hard to do it without losing credibility from the F&B Director, or that restaurateur who owns 10 locations.  They don't want to be interrupted by sales people, especially if you don't know what their needs are.  YOU don't want to be interrupted by sales people making cold-calls and sending cold emails.  


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