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23 March 2018
Beyond the phone and face-to-face, here are some of the leading chat and messaging communication software platforms proven to increase productivity, sales, and overall customer satisfaction. After all, conversational marketing and chat is not a fad.


22 March 2018
Imagine how long it used to take to tell your story back in the Stone Age with cave paintings and symbols. The way we communicate with each other has come a long way. 
Or has it?


12 March 2018

Let's get right to the answer. The only reason phone books still matter in marketing is in concept. Does anyone still have 15 pounds of Yellow Pages sitting around the office?


07 March 2018
Online technology is developing faster than ever. From personalized analytics of the buyer's journey to artificial intelligence using bots, there is no question about technology's impact on how we go to market. 
MAFSI Conference 2018 helped us kick it off. Let’s take a deeper look at the 3 types of technology that will impact marketing your foodservice products in 2018  in my latest On The Bean Bag episode.
[4 min video]


27 February 2018
Instagram has finally opened up their platform to integrate in with 3rd party software apps like HubSpot.
For us HubSpotters (marketers), this is big news and provides a lot of value. 
Here is a four minute video demonstration of this new feature.
[4 mins]


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