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27 February 2018
Instagram has finally opened up their platform to integrate in with 3rd party software apps like HubSpot.
For us HubSpotters (marketers), this is big news and provides a lot of value. 
Here is a four minute video demonstration of this new feature.
[4 mins]


16 February 2018
Email is still the #1 way to interrupt people with your company's branding and messaging. Yet, it's getting harder and harder to get buyers to open emails, let alone read and click on them.
A 20% email open rate is not acceptable. If 80% of your contacts are NOT opening emails, we have to identify the problem(s). 
Is it timing? Are you sending too many emails? Is it a spam issue? 
Here is a 5 minute video demonstrating how we can use technology to substantially improve the way we look at emailing our buyers moving forward.


17 November 2017

Remember AOL Instant Messenger back in the 90s? How awesome was it to be chatting in real-time with your co-workers? Even though AOL IM will be officially retired on December 15, chat and messaging is hotter than ever. [Remember your screen name? Mine is S4DCya. What's yours?]

Think about the way you use chat and messages today. Do you prefer texting? Do you use social media messaging like Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn Messages? Lord knows we don't need more emails, right?

Here is a fact for you: According to Statista, there are 1.2 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook Messenger Chat app. Yep, 1.2 BILLION.


14 November 2017

Still sending important files and documents like your lines list or a brochure PDF as attachments in your email communications? Why? 

There's a better way. Let me show you in the short video below how to use best practices to send email attachments by leveraging the free HubSpot CRM and Sales Tools. Yes, you read correctly, free!  


10 November 2017

What happened when that key sales person suddenly left? Or that chef you really needed for your test kitchen demos decides to move on? Or your business is growing and you need to hire new sales talent?

ABR - Always Be Recruiting. But it isn't easy, right? 

Let me show you how in this short 3 minute demonstration video.


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