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We're excited to introduce you to the newest family member here at TMC Digital Media: Megan Block-Brewer. Megan is joining us as a Digital Marketing Creator, and hails from the (currently frozen) state of Michigan.

Megan is passionate about her family, and her three kids keep her on her toes and running on an absurd amount of caffeine at all times. She also loves photography, and is an advocate for following your creative dreams, because one day they will lead you to your dream job, like TMC and inbound marketing is for her.

We recently had a fun q & a session with Megan, and will hand the metaphorical microphone over to her directly:

What brought you to a company like TMC?

My career path and passion began 10 years ago when my best friend suggested that I start a blog. I was in the wedding planning process, and had moved from sunny southern California up to foggy northern California, and wanted to bridge the distance gap with a (funny to some) blog about the daily happenings that would normally be shared over a sake at our favorite San Diego sushi restaurant. The blog followed along and progressed as I got married, and then shortly thereafter, became pregnant and had my daughter. It gained some popularity, and I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people through it, such as Heather (our TMC social media extraordinaire.) 

I then began working as an editor for an online digital publication for moms, and took my "mommy blogger knowledge" and grew it to a larger scale while there. Inbound marketing has much of the same components and standards that I followed as the managing editor; client and brand relationships and outreach was my favorite aspect of the job. I have been seriously searching for the past few years for a work environment that would match my skill-set and background, but also boasts a strong remote team framework. Heather was raving about what an amazing company that TMC is to work within, and so I happily applied! See? I told you that it all would circle back to my silly little mommy blog from 2009. I am excited to continue growing in the digital marketing and inbound marketing realm, and expand into the food services sector and learn my way around that kitchen. (I'm full of puns.)


In terms of marketing, what is your favorite tactic to utilize; which one are you most passionate about?

I am a creative at heart, so I am most passionate about creating and implementing strong calls-to-action that resonate visually with clients, and also set a brand apart from others. I am a photographer and understand how to bring that aspect in visually, and my background in writing and editing also helps your brand to be "found" on the web, and look cohesive visually and verbally. You can have the best photos or "prettiest" website in the world, but if your clients cannot find your products when they are searching for them, then your website is virtually worthless.  


What role can we expect you to fill within the company moving forward?

I will primarily be working alongside the creative team, and helping with website updates and tasks, as well as also helping Heather with some social media for clients. 


You said you have three kids? How old are they?

Yes, 3! Vivien is my oldest, and is 8 years old. William is my middle (or the "Oreo cream filling" as he calls it) and is 6. Eliza is my youngest, and she just turned 6 months old. They are all hysterical, in their own weird little ways.
Bfam (3 of 30) 


You mentioned you love your family; what else do you love?

I'm an avid football fan. On Saturdays in the fall you'll find me screaming for the University of Michigan, and on Sundays I'm rooting for the Denver Broncos. I know it's a weird mixture, but my husband was born and raised in Colorado, and we lived there as a family for 4 years. I am from Michigan. When we started dating 7 million years ago, he agreed to become a U of M fan if I would become a Broncos fan. Considering that Detroit football is a dumpster fire level disaster, I think I got the better end of the deal, there. I also am low-key addicted to reality TV and pop culture.I love experimenting with crazy hair colors, oh, and also photography. But that's my other "job" and that feels weird listing it in the hobby section.

Oh, so you're a photographer, too?

Yes, I own a Michigan wedding photography business called Mulberry & Sage with another local photographer. I'm normally at weddings most weekends, and I love being creative and photographing all the meticulous and loving details that goes into planning the perfect wedding. I also enjoy being surrounded by people (an extrovert's dream!) and taking photos of people who progressively get more drunk as the night goes on. 

What's your favorite movie?

My all time favorite is Gone With the Wind. My oldest daughter was named after Vivien Leigh. Top Gun is also on my list of top 3 faves, and then probably Mean Girls. I've got eclectic movie taste, but can honestly say proudly that I have never in my life seen a Star Wars movie. It's nothing against it, but at this point in my life, it's just the principle and bragging rights, mostly. (Though, baby Yoda IS ADORABLE. Yes, I know that's not the movie.)

Do you listen to music at all?

I'm a country music fan. It's what I was raised on and I live in the boonies on a dirt road now, so it all just flows. And I wear cowboy boots 97% of the time. They accentuate my pink hair and, as my husband says "it looks like you're a rebel farmer's daughter who also shows horses on the weekends." I also love showtunes, 90's hip-hop, and the Beatles. 

What's your dream vacation?

I've always wanted to go to Greece. I am obsessed with Greek food, and everything about the culture. I've wanted to go ever since I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as a young adult. Apparently I am prone to make important life decisions, and base my aspirations, off of romantic comedies marketed to teenage girls. 

You mentioned food. What's your favorite type of food?

I don't really feel like I have a tippy-top favorite. I love food experiences, and being diverse culturally. I love learning about food, and what goes in to any particular dish or tradition. Greek food is probably my favorite overall genre, from a geographic standpoint. (Except I can't stand olives.) Being born and having lived in Southern California for most of my life, Mexican food is also highly ranked. (Except cilantro tastes like soap to me. It's an actual disorder. It's very tragic and I outspokenly raise awareness for it constantly.) I love the process and the invested time behind BBQ, and could probably be happy eating it every single day of my life without getting tired of it. Sushi rolls are fun to eat. Indian food is amazing. I crave Vietnamese Pho whenever I'm sick. It's safe to say that I like food, and love the story behind it the most. 

What excites you most about joining the TMC family?

I am stoked to learn more about the foodservice industry, and hone in on my inbound marketing skills using technology such as HubSpot. In going through my training for programs like HubSpot, it's cool to see that this type of technology exists to make management easier, and generally a more useful tool for everyone involved. It boils down to intentionally working smarter, not harder, and I appreciate that those tools are out there and available to utilize. I also love the remote aspect of the team, and that I can play Luke Bryan on Spotify all day without office mates getting annoyed. 

Thanks so much for meeting with us Megan, and giving us a glimpse into your life and what unique skills you bring to the TMC family! We're sure you'll be hearing from Megan more in the future. 


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