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25 September 2018
Normally, I like to talk about "content" because that's what requires the creativity, the action, but the reality is we cannot be effective in our sales and marketing efforts without understanding the "context" as well.
But what part of context can make the biggest difference? That's what this blog is about.


29 November 2017

It's data. Data is king. Data is knowledge. Without data, how can you move your company forward?

Let's first take a look at the 'buyer's journey' and how it's changing right in front of us.

The way we engage with our buyers online needs to change. Currently, the foodservice equipment industry is disregarding two very important phases of the buyer's journey, which hinders our ability to sell. We must engage with buyers well before they are ready for a quote, but how?


18 May 2017

Foodservice. We all love it, and we all hate it.


13 October 2015


What sales person doesn't like a sales qualified lead that's ready to buy your product or service? 

When I started out my professional sales career some 20 years ago, I was a cold-calling machine. I had to be. The only way to find new sales leads was to pick up the phone, dial the IT Director, hope that he picked up the phone, and give him my pitch. (And I was damn good at it.)


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