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Hi Richard, welcome to the TMC family. For those who don't know you, they may not realize the depth knowledge you bring to the table. To start, can you tell us a bit about your background? What was your journey through digital marketing?

I actually started in sales. So, my first exposure to HubSpot was as a sales representative using it as a CRM. From there I used it more and more, and as my use expanded, I moved into marketing uses, which is where I fell in love with building systems for companies that create leads and generate revenue. 

How has it changed through your time in the industry?

I have seen so much positive change. HubSpot has added countless features and even a couple of hubs and isn’t slowing down any time soon, and I couldn’t be happier.

What changes do you think we can expect as we move into the future?

We’re already starting to see it, but the changes that AI will bring to sales and marketing over the next few years are unimaginable.

You have a lot of experience working in HubSpot and other components of the sales and marketing tech stack. Why HubSpot?

There are many great business tools out there today, but no other software comes from a philosophy of helping the clients before anything else. I love that. They also do a great job of adding relevant new features and expanding in ways that make sense.

What is the top mistake you see companies make as they implement or work in a HubSpot ecosystem?

The number one mistake is thinking you have to do everything all at once. You have to set priorities, and the first one is simply to get all your data into HubSpot and take things from there.

Enough about work. What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend time with my children, go on adventures with my girlfriend, and play Dungeons and Dragons . . . a lot.

You live in Virginia. Are there things specific to your area that you like to do? Any great restaurants you can recommend?

I live in Northern Virginia, just outside of D.C., so going on adventures in the city is never a wrong choice. As far as restaurants, there are great restaurants of all stripes, but I would recommend trying Ben’s Chilli Bowl. Their half-smokes are THE dish of DC.

Ok, now for the speed round. Favorite meal?

My go-to when I stay home or go out is pizza.

Favorite sports team?

For better or for worse, I am a Commanders fan. But the Nationals come in a very close second.

Best movie ever?

There’s no way I could pick just one. My favorites are spread across classics, superhero movies, horror, comedy, and dramas.

Top place you’ve traveled?

Prague was amazing. It’s so historic and has such beautiful art and food. 

Top place you still want to travel to?

Italy. Hands down. The cuisine and the history are something that I would love to experience.

Favorite book?

Fight Club or Hunger Games. Both tell about the dangers of our society and show us what we should avoid.

Thanks, Richard! Anything else our readers should know about you?

I am so excited to join the team and look forward to building some great HubSpot systems for our clients.

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