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07 August 2017

Foodservice manufacturers rely on their reps and distribution networks to sell. But when reps and distributors are responsible for selling 20-30+ different brands, if not hundreds or even thousands, how does your factory ensure your products and solutions stay top-of-mind in this über competitive foodservice industry? 


02 March 2016

At the MAFSI Conference 2016 last month, I was amazed by the incredible amount of marketing specific break-out sessions, talks about social media, branding, aligning sales and marketing, some of which were presented by marketing professionals.  But where the f--k was marketing? 


19 February 2016

We’ve all heard of the “pay it forward” concept and Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK). One person offers an act of kindness to another, that recipient then offers acts of kindness to a couple of other people, and the effect snowballs into a wave of generous acts spread across hundreds, or even thousands of people. Just like that time everyone paid for everyone else’s Starbucks.

So why not take the RAOK concept and apply it to your social presence?


19 January 2016

Upon my return from MAFSI Conference 2016, I was knee deep in a book titled The Marketing Performance Blueprint by Paul Roetzer, and was re-assured that the foodservice equipment industry clearly has 'the performance gap'. It's a very interesting time for MAFSI members. Those that continue to ride the traditional 'what used to work' wave are going to eventually be run out of business by competition that adapts to the new marketing and sales cookbook.


02 December 2015

Let's face it, you either like to write or you don't. Just the simple thought of 'writing' intimidates people or is considered a hassle. I'm a sales guy by trade and never really enjoyed writing. But I have come to terms with A) it's inevitable to grow my business, and B) I have really good sales and marketing stories to share that can help impact the results of other businesses.


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